Houthi intimidation forces woman journalist to publicize her fears

Houthi intimidation forces woman journalist to publicize her fears

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Wi'am al-Soufi a female Yemeni journalist working for The 26th   September news daily from her hometown of al-Silw in Taiz has finally publicized her fears after struggling with "a yearlong intimidation" by the Houthi radical Shiit Islamists who are rebelling against the government  in alliance with the ousted dictator Ali A. Saleh for three years.  

Al-Soufi has been enduring persistent incitements and threats from local Houthi leaders for one year but the group's mentioning of al-Soufi by name as an enemy intelligence agent via their TV al-Masira's news task bar on 15 November sent chills up and down her spine prompting her to share her worry with the Yemen Journalists Syndicate by sending a written appeal for solidarity.  

The Syndicate, in return, condemned the militias' persecution calling on the international community and human rights groups to should their responsibility in protecting Yemeni journalists.  

The Houthi militias have killed, maimed and chased hundreds of activists many of them journalists turning their life upside down.

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