In their Day, Yemeni children dream of fathers' "warm arms"

In their Day, Yemeni children dream of fathers' "warm arms"


While children around the world celebrate 20 November as their Day Yemeni children have already expressed their dream for the day; "we dream of the warm arms and touches of our fathers as all children do."

The children of the Yemeni activists held in the jails of the extremist Shiit rebels of Houthi-Saleh staged a rally and submitted a letter to the OHCHR in Sana'a on Monday to express their wish and appeal to the "conscience" of the world to help secure the release of their fathers.

The children said their fathers are jailed without charges and that they are denied visits to them save for a few minutes of chatting with their fathers standing behind the bars. "Just once a week and from a far distance away from the jail window that none can hear the other clearly."

Al-Zahraa Ahmed a little girl delivered a speech in the rally said "my brother Zakaria died three months ago. And still my father does not know and I keep crying whenever how impactful the news will be to him if we tell him."  


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