Houthi-Saleh militias expose children to acute violence

Houthi-Saleh militias expose children to acute violence

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The militias of the former dictator Ali Saleh and his extremist Shiit Islamists, known as Houthis, have exposed Yemeni children to acute levels of violence in the alliance's rebellion against the internationally acknowledge government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.  

The militias implicated children in the conflict as witnesses, direct victims and largely as forced participants. Human rights organizations say children constitute 50% of the radical militias' fighters in all warfronts in the country.  

A few days back the Minister of Social Affairs Ibtihaj al-Kamal told the official news agency "Saba" that the increased recruitment of child soldiers and schoolboy dropouts "signals a disaster" for the future

She appealed on the International Children's Day on 20 November for an international attention to the ordeal of Yemeni children "who are killed, displaced and recruited to fight in the ranks of the Houthi-Saleh militias."

The militias kill children and civilians in general in another way: The embed themselves among civilians; set up command centers, weapon depots and combat posts inside neighborhoods and schools to use civilians and children as human shields.

They kill children in a direct way; They have killed hundreds of children in Taiz in three years of continual shelling on the densely populated neighborhoods of the city they besiege.

The siege bars the entry of humanitarian aid to the city causing the deterioration of life to the point of hunger and collapse of the health systems to the point of the emergence of epidemics like cholera, dengue fever and diphtheria, the victims of all that hunger and diseases are mostly the children.

The militias the arrest and intimidate the families of oppositionists who departed their houses in the militias-controlled province to pressure on these oppositionists to come back or hurt their feelings.

 The militias suspension of salaries of teachers led to the closure of several schools and the militias taking advantage of that by recruiting children to brief radicalization classes and sending them to the war fronts to fight and plant landmines.

Moreover, being vehement opportunists the militias make the last use of child soldiers, once they are dead bodies in the battlefield; they take a lot of pictures to file away as "crimes of the Arab Coalition" and disseminate and propagandize and shed crocodile tears.


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