Political parties unite in condemning Houthi atrocities

Political parties unite in condemning Houthi atrocities

Yemen's major political parties have issued a joint condemnation statement against the rebel Houthi militia for stepping their abuses against political rivals including the General People's Congress (GPC) since December 2.

They said that the Iran-aligned rebels have intensified their abuses against "many political actors mainly the GP party" in Sana'a and other parts of the country under their control.

The abuses include "killing and intimidating rivals, breaking into political party premises, houses and business stores to loot them."

The statement accused the militia of "forcing oppositions into disappearance and subjecting them to torture" or using them "as human shields" in the battlefield.

The statement called upon "the United Nations and other international and regional human rights organizations to do something to protect the political leaders, activists and journalists and to protect the premises of political parties" and to force the rebel fighters to disclose the detention places of the forcibly disappeared activists.  

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