FM says no sign Houthis can be partners for peace

FM says no sign Houthis can be partners for peace

Yemen's Foreign Minister Abdul-Malik al-Mekhlafi said the Houthis' unleashed campaign of abuses against the GPC party since its call for dialogue with the government shows that the Houthis "are not partners peace partners."

Speaking to Balqis TV channel owned by Noble Laureate Tawakkul Karman Al-Mekhlafi said "there is no sign that they will be good partners."

He said that the rebels' "killed their former partner in the military takeover. How can they be peace partners to the government?" referring to Ali Saleh whom the militia killed on December 4 shortly after she expressed willingness to discontinue the rebellion and blamed the Houthis for going too far in the "devastation of the country."

He called the Houthis " a bloody movement" that "does not talk politics."

"They are pursuing a religious agenda and believing in their divine right to reign. According to their own light, they are implementing God's will. So they don't talk politics."

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