New Houthi rocket lands near Marib city, no one hurt

New Houthi rocket lands near Marib city, no one hurt

Another rocket fired by the Houthi rebel militia has landed in Marib early on Saturday, local sources said. The city comes under continuous attack by unguided rockets from the militia's military outposts in Haylan mountains north of the city.

The sources said "the rocket of today landed near Marib University at a student assembly time but fortunately no one was hurt."

"The explosion was huge," said the panicked pedestrians near the site.   

Two days ago the Arab Coalition's air defenses intercepted a ballistic missile in the airspace of Marib, almost a daily routine of saving the masses' lives in the small city.

The Iran-backed Shiit Islamists have increased the range of steel artillery and unguided rockets and use them to shell Marib in Yemen's east and Taiz city in Yemen's west on a continuous basis. Hundreds of civilian casualties and property damages have been incurred in past attacks.


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