Press cuttings:

Press cuttings:


  1. The National Committee for Investigating into Human Rights Abuse Allegations met the Deputy Interior Minister Ali Naser al-Akhshaa on Sunday over documented cases of security checkpoints denying northerners entry into the temporary capital Aden. The committee chairman told the Deputy Minister that those are violations of movement freedom, a right enshrined in the national and international legislations.

  2. Houthi radical rebels manning a checkpoint killed a bus driver in Ibb on Sunday and threw his dead body from the top of a hill over refusing to let them remove the picture of the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh whom the militia killed early this month for discontinuing the rebellion and supporting the government.

  3. Houthis have injured four civilians as they fired mortar shells at villages in al-Hayma of Taiz on Sunday. The rebel militia has been imposing a blockade on the city for three years cutting the civilians off humanitarian and medical relief provisions.# Source: Several media

  4. Houthi Shiit Islamist extremists killed Adel Saleh al-Modhaffari in his village of al-Qaa in al-Beidha province on Sunday after expressing his disapproval to their rallying chant "Death to America" inside the village's mosque.


Al-Mashahad al-Yemeni website reported that the militants came to his house in two military trucks and shot him dead before the eyes of his wife and kids. The militia's rallying cry is "God is Great, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse to Jews, Victory for Islam."





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