Yemen Press cutting:

Yemen Press cutting:


  1. Dr. Mansour al-Hidyani the manager of al-Mokha Hospital in al-Mokha Red Sea port district in Taiz survived an assassination attempt as Houthi militants tried to ambush him when he was driving an ambulance in Yakhtel north of the district. #Source: Aden Time.

  2. Houthi extremists killed an old civilian man in Maqbanah west of Taiz city. After their control of al-Mukaymel area in Maqbanah the militants shot dead Seed Abdul-Razzaq, 75. #Source: Several media

  3. Three civilians onboard a car were killed as they ran over a Houthi landmine north of Yakhtel in al-Khawkha in western Taiz. Mohammed Dawood Hamdi, Abdulghaffar Adel and Abdullah Shadehli were killed in the explosion. Yemeni military officials say that Houthi rebel militia has planted quarter a million landmines in the country since the beginning of the conflict. #Source: Several

  4. Houthis have referred 78 abducted activists to the public prosecution that the extremist rebel militia controls in Sana'a. The militia brought them to the prosecution on Thursday in preparation for trying them. The abductees have been kept by the militia in forced disappearance for two and a half years. #Source: Al-Moshahed website.

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