PM: We will go on fighting terrorism, drying up its sources

PM: We will go on fighting terrorism, drying up its sources

 Yemen Prime Minister Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar has urged the members of the government to redouble their efforts to fight terrorism and pursue terrorist operatives, stressing that the government will go on fighting terrorism and drying its sources.

He said that terrorist and criminal acts carried out by cowardly terrorist operatives are evidence that they are stripped of Islamic values and ethics. 

In a meeting of the Yemeni cabinet held on Monday in the port city of Aden, a number of security and military issues were discussed one day after a terrorist operation was carried out in Aden in which more than 50 Yemeni soldiers were killed. 

A suicide bomber on Sunday blew himself up, killing about 50 soldiers nearby the military camp of al-Sawlaban in the port city of Aden.

The military camp where the explosion took place is the same military base that was struck by another suicide bomber on Dec. 10, killing 57 soldiers, and wounding scores.  

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