Aden's Ramadan is weary as terrorist attacks see no letup

Aden's Ramadan is weary as terrorist attacks see no letup


Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, is a prosperous and auspicious month when people turn more pious and the society gives you the utmost of security– food security, let alone personal security.

This has always been the mystical belief in Yemen until this year. The people of the temporary capital, Aden, are living a weary Ramadan as the mysterious wave of assassinations drags on with no clue on who is behind it and no sign that the security authorities are doing something or have caught but only one assassin.

Over the past several months, dozens of mosque preachers, soldiers, doctors, activists and ordinary civilians, male and female have been killed.

Masked gunmen shoot dead victims and get away with it. Earlier in this hoy month a gunman killed, by knife attack, a female dean of the Faculty of Science and University in Aden and her son and 12-year-old grandchild as he stormed their house and shot them dead. The perpetrator of this crime was the only one caught. No suspect was caught or even identified in connection with the tens of previous assassinations.

  Dr. Fikri al-Qadi, professor of sociology at the University of Aden, told Al Sahwa that disasters always have an impact on societies, especially the disaster of war, often leaves a psychological and social impact on individuals, groups and societies.

He said in that that one of the causes of the spread of crime in Aden is the absence of law enforcement agencies, courts, and prosecutions.

"The proliferation of weapons, poverty, destitution, lack of job opportunities and the spread of drugs are also among the reasons that led to the spread of crime in Aden," he added.



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