A new activist dies of torture in Houthi jails

A new activist dies of torture in Houthi jails

Another activist detained by Houthis in Sana'a has died of torture in the Islamist rebels' jails. Al-Sahwa news website has learnt from sources close to the family of Mohammed Ghorab, a peaceful oppositionist to the Houthi coup, that he died in the Political Security (Intelligence) jail in the Houthi-held capital Sana'a on Sunday after three years of detention and continuous torture.

The sources said that Houthi rebels contacted Ghorab's family to just them that he had died "of cholera", and that the family have no doubt that the cholera is more than a cover-up on the real cause of death.

Dozens of detainees including social networking activists have died in Sana'a jails since the Shia Islamic extremists seized power in late 2014.

Torture techniques the militias use include electric shocks, sleep deprivation, mock execution, hanging upside down by feet until consciousness is lost and severe beating, to name just a few.     


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