Hajjah: About 18,000 violations committed in Hajjah during one-year

Hajjah: About 18,000 violations committed in Hajjah during one-year

 Yemeni human rights groups have documented 18667 crimes committed by the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh including 13 cases of death due to torture inside custodies. 

The report issued by a coalition of human rights group in Hajjah cited that violations included murder, torture until death, enforced disappearance, abduction, storming into houses, villages, looting of properties, confiscation of salaries and turning out public facilities to military barracks. They further used mosques to spark hatred and sectarianism.  

The report documented 3161 cases of violations against childhood through recruiting them by force. 3619 cases of violations ranged from creating checkpoints and training camps, and 1169 cases of violations included confiscation of properties, looting salaries, and 10 cases of dismissals.  

According to the report, the threats and harassments amounted 111 cases made against activists and politicians. Military officers, judges, academics and other public servants were threatened with physical elimination. The report further mentioned 9150 cases of displacements and enforced deportations. 

It also spelt out that the Houthis used acid in torturing activists, so some of them died and others suffered partial paralysis and permanent disability as a result of torture.   

Militias of the Houthis and Saleh are constantly committing crimes against civilians in the governorate of Hajjah, causing the deterioration of the situation. Hajjah was recently declared by activists as disaster governorate. 

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