Yemen army liberates new positions in Shabwah

Yemen army liberates new positions in Shabwah

 The Yemeni army on Friday managed to liberate new military positions in the southern governorate of Shabwah. 

Local sources affirmed  that the army engaged in violent confrontation with forces of the Houthis and forces of ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh, pointing out that the army took over the area of al-Sowaida and advanced toward al-Minqash Mountain. 

They affirmed that a large number of Houthis and forces of Saleh were killed during confrontations, pointing out that they tried to infiltrate to some areas, but they were strongly defeated.  

Meanwhile, a spokesman  of the Yemeni army  Abdullah al-Shandaqi said that 17 Houthis were killed in violent clashes in Nihim district, east of the capital Sana'a on Tuesday. 

He said that the army managed to liberate a number of positions including the site of Kayal al-Rabah, pointing out that the militias received painful blows in Nihim.

The National Army has gotten close to the strategic area of Naqeel Bin Ghailan which oversees areas of Arhab district and the capital Sana'a

On Wednesday, Yemen's National Army managed to liberate new military positions of the Houthis in the governorate of Saadah, the main stronghold of the Houthi Movement.

The commander of Saadah military front Obaid al-Athalah affirmed that Yemeni army units liberated large areas in al-Bukua district from the Houthis, capturing a great deal of military equipment and munitions.

Al-Athalah said that Yemen's National Army is determining to advance and liberate all Yemeni lands controlled by the putschist Houthis.

According to government sources, Yemen’s national army and popular resistance forces have liberated more than 85 percent of the Yemeni territories from Houthi militia control and the forces of the ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

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