Thirty-one CSO demand breakthrough in Houthi siege on Taiz city

Thirty-one CSO demand breakthrough in Houthi siege on Taiz city

As many as 31 Yemeni civil society organizations have joined voices of appeal to the international community to force a breakthrough in the years long Houthi siege against the central Yemen city of Taiz.

In a statement on Sunday, the CSOs called on the UN organizations to force the Houthis to open some outlets for the flow of basic food stuff and medical provision into the city. "For four years, the people of Taiz have been suffering a siege and a day-to-day suffering as a result of the closure of the main roads that link Taiz with other provinces. This producted the worst living conditions a Yemeni city has ever suffered since the beginning of the war," read the statement.

The CSOs called on "the UN Secretary General's Special Envoy Martin Griffiths to use all means of pressure to open the main roads in Taiz and guarantee the safety of movement of people and transportation of food into the city."

The plea was signed by:

1-       The Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC)

2-       The National Coalition for Development

3-       Youth without Borders Org for Development

4-       Watch Team

5-       Youth of Transparency and Building

6-       Protection of Law and Promotion of Social Peace

7-       Social Peace Organization

8-       Women for Peace League

9-       Ansam for Development

10-     Kifaya Society

11-     Step for Human Development

12-     Masa for Development and Human Rights

13-     The Our-Perspective-is-Different Youth

14-     Wayoteemoon for Human Development

15-     Charity Rescue Foundation

16-     Women Studies and Development Center – Taiz University

17-     We-Are-Here Rescue and Development

18-     Development Foundation for Child Care

19-     Horizons of Change Forum

20-     Yemeni Society for Promotion of Domestic Production

21-     We Are All Balqees

22-     Yemen Media Guide

23-     Experts for Development

24-     National Federation of the Most Impoverished

25-     Alfuad Foundation for Peace and Development

26-     Diyam for Development

27-     Human for Relief and Development

28-     Convoy for Development

29-     National Organization for Society Development

30-     National Organization for Health Development

31-     National Commission for Control and Combat of Corruption  - Taiz


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