Ibb: Rights group documents 85 crimes in December

Ibb: Rights group documents 85 crimes in December

Crimes committed by militias of the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh has sharply increased, causing unprecedented insecurity and disorder.

No one-day passes without occurring crimes in every areas of this governorate.

According to Rasad Organization for Rights and Freedoms, 85 crimes were committed in the governorate of Ibb during December, 2016 alone.

The crimes committed by militias of the Houthis and Saleh during December included murder, attempted murder, looting of lands and taking over private and public properties.

The report also mentioned that civilians were kidnapped and tortured until death, and that houses of civilians were occupied.

Chairman of Rasad Arafat Humran said that the organization documented 11 cases of murder including a child and two women.

The report cited that six cases of attempted d murder were registered, pointing out that scores of politicians, military officers and tribal leaders were assassinated since the militias took over the governorate in September 2014.

The report affirmed that a detainee died on December and other four persons died in November as a result of torture inside a Houthi jail in Ibb.

It also mentioned that a case of an execution was carried out, and that the militias looted a bank, and stole YR 220 million.

In December alone, the report documented 46 cases of abduction, stressing that the detainees are subjected to mental and physical torture, particularly inside the Political Security's jail.

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