Yemeni authorities release 72 Egyptian fishermen

Yemeni authorities release 72 Egyptian fishermen

 The Yemeni authorities have released 72 Egyptian fishermen who were held in al-Mahrah governorate. The fishermen were seized because they illegally fished in Yemen's territorial water. 

The Egyptian Ambassador to Yemen Yousuf al-Sharqawi said on Monday that 72 fishermen were released from al-Mahrah governorate.  

He affirmed that the fishermen will start on Monday the return to their country, pointing out that that he was in constant contact with the Yemeni authorities. 

The Yemeni authorities seized the Egyptian fishermen lately of December 2016 as they illegally entered Yemen's territorial water without permissions. 

Last month, 49 Egyptian fishermen, who were seized by forces of  Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh in al-Hudeidah governorate were released.

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