Mothers demand Human Rights Council to save abductees

Mothers demand Human Rights Council to save abductees

Alsahwa Net- Mothers  in the governorate of Ibb staged a protest on Sunday, appealing to the Human Rights Council and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to intervene to save their sons and relatives detained by the Houthis.

The Abductees’ Mothers Association (AMA) has stated that the governorate of Ibb is among the most governorates in which civilians are subjected to violations by the Houthis in light of the lack to human rights organizations. 

AMA said that about 1000  abductees and enforcedly disappeared persons were tortured insides Houthi prisons during the past two years.

On Saturday, chairwoman of AMA Amat al-Salam al-Haj presented a working paper in which she explained who abductees and forcibly disappeared persons are tortured inside Houthi prisons.

In her paper, she said that the case of abductees and forcibly disappeared persons must be a priority in any future negotiations, stressing that those who tortured them must be held accountable.     

The journalist Hussein al-Sufi demanded the government to exert more efforts to end the suffering of the abductees and enforcedly disappeared abductees.

Two former abductees Dr. Yousuf Edris and Abdul-Karim al-Akra’a  narrated how they were abducted and how they were tortured inside Houthi prisons.

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