Griffiths seeks again to bring Houthis to Geneva

Griffiths seeks again to bring Houthis to Geneva

Alsahwa Net- The UN Special Envoy  MartnGriffiths on Sunday arrived in Sana’a days after the failure of his seeking to bring the Houthis to Geneva talks which were set to start on September 6.

Informed sources told al-Sahwa Net that Griffiths is holding meetings with Houthi leaders in an attempt to persuade them to participate in a new negotiation round.

Informed sources said that the Houthis condition to cash the wages of all state employees in all provinces, and reopening the Sanaa International Airport for commercial and international flights.

The Houthi delegation rejected an offer to be transported by an Omani plane to Geneva last week after the aircraft was searched by the coalition backing the Yemeni legitimate government, according to Western sources.

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