Besieged Taiz runs for recuperation and show of resilience

Besieged Taiz runs for recuperation and show of resilience

The youth of Yemen's central Taiz have opted for marathon running in the center of the city in search for a sense of recovery and enjoyment amidst a hellish life imposed by the armed Houthis.

The savage Islamic rebels have, since early 2015, been besieging and continually shelling the city in whose downtown pro-government forces are stationed and keep repelling constant incursion attempts by the rebels.

In defiance of this hellish life, the athletes including also veterans from various sports clubs in the city launched "Taiz Recuperates", a walk-and-run five-kilometer marathon from the Tourist Club to the historical mountaintop Cairo Castle within the safe parts of the city.

Most of the distance is a steep uphill road. "It is a get-togetherness for the city's young people to search for a sense of enjoyment and even to show resilience in the face of the continuing Houthi siege," said Ahmed Hassan an old man watching the runners from the balcony of his house.

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