Taiz youth celebrate 56th anniversary of anti-theocracy revolution

Taiz youth celebrate 56th anniversary of anti-theocracy revolution

The youth of Taiz, mainly young women, have celebrated the 56th anniversary of the national republican revolution against the Islamic theocracy of the Imams, the ancestors of the current Houthi insurgents who mounted a coup in September 2014 and have since embroiled Yemen in a seemingly endless war.

Dozens of women organized on Sunday a festivity sponsored by the local Culture Ministry office in the terraces of Al-Cairo, a historical castle that the Imam used as a jail for local freedom fighters. 

In the festivity, under the slogan 'Federalists Against the Coup D'état', women speakers appealed to the government to expedite the liberation of Yemen and restoring the transitional process toward a federal democratic Yemen, the project that the Houthi coup had sabotaged.

They also called on the government to revitalize the military offensive to break the siege that the Islamic insurgents have been imposing on Taiz since they invaded the city in 2015.  

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