On footsteps of ISIS, Houthis blow up mosques

On footsteps of ISIS, Houthis blow up mosques

On footsteps of ISIS, militias of the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh blew up a 29 mosques and turned out 146 others to military barracks and depots for weaponry

According to an official report issued by the communication program held between Yemeni religious scholars and the Saudi Ministry for Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance, 29 mosques were destroyed by the Houthis since they took over Yemen and until the early of 2006.

The report affirmed that the Houthis turned ground floors of mosques to heavy and medium weapon depots. They also turned courtyards of mosques to places for breaks and military training.

The report disclosed that there are Houthi-Iranian arrangements aiming to target mosques, pointing out that the Houthis brought in press photographers of Iranian TVs to cover the blowing up of Dar al-Hadeeth Center (An Islamic Teaching Center) in north of Saadah in 2014

The report stressed that contents of mosques including microphones, carpets and others were looted by the Hothis, indicating that they also replaced imams and preachers of mosques with Houthi ones by force.

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