YJS condemns assassination of journalist in al-Dhala’a

YJS condemns assassination of journalist in al-Dhala’a

Alsahwa Net- The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate has strongly condemned  the assassination of the journalist Zaki al-Saqaldi in the city of al-Dhala’a on Friday.

In a statement, YJS said that the assassination of al-Saqaldi came as a result of incitement and hatred raised by political forces to settle scores.

YJS demanded security services to arrest the perpetrators and bring them go justice, calling all political forces to avoid the engagement of journalist in their political disputes.

The syndicate also called the Arab Journalist Union and the International Federation of Journalists to intervene and address Yemen’s interior ministry and the Arab Coalition to put an end to violations committed against journalists.

Assassinations terrifyingly plague South Yemen. No a  day passes without the assassination of political activists, journalists, teachers or civilians.

Security services in South Yemen remain silent. No actions were taken so far to put an end to these assassinations which mainly target those people affiliated with the Islah party.

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