Faculty of Sana'a University start comprehensive strike

Faculty of Sana'a University start comprehensive strike

The faculty of Sana'a University started on Saturday a comprehensive strike after they conducted a partial strike for several days.

The administrative board of the Yemeni Professor Syndicate cited, in a statement, that the Supreme Council of Faculty Coordination in the public universities decided to carry out a comprehensive strike.

The statement praised the success of the partial strike during the past days, calling the teaching staffs of Sana'a University to cooperate for the success of this comprehensive strike

The Yemeni Professor Syndicate  on the mid of December gave the Houthis an ultimatum of two weeks to pay their salary arrears of four months.

Militias of the Houthis and Saleh threatened the teaching staff of Sana'a University with detention if they conducted a comprehensive strike.

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