Everyone is talking peace but not the Houthis

Everyone is talking peace but not the Houthis


By Riyadh Anaam

Almost all government officials in all events have been talking peace with Houthis these days. They dedicate events for peace and include peace in every conversation and conference and workshop regardless of the event’s topic. Most of the time they are renewing the government’s “commitment” to peace. The president of the Republic says Yemen is ready for peace and keeps confirming that Yemen accepts the UN peace mediator’s proposals to resolve the armed conflict. His deputy keeps repeating the government’s commitment to peace, a lasting peace.

The Yemeni ministers and ambassadors in meetings with foreign officials keep appealing for the international community to pressure the Houthis into alleviating their violence and accepting peace. The word peace from state-run radios and TVs is resounding in all houses commuter buses and facilities so much so that it has become like a mantra. 

The UN officials and US and European government officials have been emphasizing the importance of de-escalating the conflict and resorting to peace.

Ironically one of the warring sides, the Houthis, never ever speak that word. The leaders, warlords and media outlets of the terrorist religious organization don’t bother to speak “peace”, at least to conceal their aversion to it.

Their language, as ever, is all vows and threats to fight the government to the “Day of Judgment” or until “victory or martyrdom.” Their actions are a perfect translation of that.

Yet the international officials and international media outlets, continue to press the government to halt its military operations in the name of giving “peace” a new chance!

And as the government’s military moves are always aborted halfway, the terrorists seize the chance to expand and commit more massacres to take revenge from the masses that showed relief at the army’s arrival to their cities.   

Instead of pressuring the government to offer more concessions to a militia that wants no less than the exclusive reign, why doesn’t the international community get those possessed ideologues to say “peace”. As a first step!


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