Activists to launch solidarity campaign with detained journalist

Activists to launch solidarity campaign with detained journalist

Yemeni activists and media professionals are to launch tonight a solidarity campaign with the detained journalist Saleh al-Ka'edi who has been being detained by militias of the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh for over 500 days.

During his period in the prison, al-Ka'edi was subjected to all sorts of physical and mental torture. He was also deprived from being visited by his family and was further enforcedly disappeared for eight months.

The organizers of the campaign call on all journalists and activists to interact with all media outlets and social media particularly as al-Ka'edi's health deteriorates due to malnutrition and constant torture in the prison

The campaign, which will be launched on 08:00 pm through twitter and other social media, aims to put pressures on the militias to release Salah al-ka'edi and other journalists.

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