Yemenis: Houthis continue recruiting children

Yemenis: Houthis continue recruiting children

Alsahwa Net- Correspondent of  Alsahwa, Amal Ahmed, has interviewed Yemenis from different governorates, asking them about child recruitment.

The interviewees affirmed that the Houthis take students from schools, and bring them back to their families as corpses.

Mustafa al-Mualami, from Dhamar governorate,  said that Houthis took his son from school, without his knowledge, and after several days of his disappearance, Mustafa was told that his son was killed.

Meanwhile, The militia "imposes on the boys the lectures of the group's leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi and audio records that call for Jihad," said the sources.

The sources said the militia "lately stepped up their recruitments inside orphanage schools which they control through rousing anthemes and ideologizing lectures." "They indoctrinate the students intellectually and religiously before taking them to military recruitment camps." 

At the beginning of this school year, the Sports Minister in the Houthis' self-proclaimed government Hassan Zayd had called for the closure of all schools and sending all the students to fight the government.

In a Facebook post, he said: "What if the schools close for a year and all the students and their teachers go to military (training camps)? Won't we be able to supply the warfronts with hundreds of thousands of fighters and be able to fully win the battle.

Ahmed al-Zarnouqi says that hundreds of children were taken from Hodeida by force after their families were threatened with killing, asserting that over 20 children were brought back to their families as corpses in the north of Hodeida.

Deputy Human Rights Minister, Nabeel Abdul-Hafeez, has revealed that the Houthis recruited about 10,000 children as soldiers in 2017.

Abdul-Hafeez said that the number of recruited children is increasing, stressing that militias of the Houthis and Saleh commit violations in the areas run by them and most of them are not known for media and human rights organizations. 

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