Mere calls for peace with Houthis shock- Episode 3

Mere calls for peace with Houthis shock- Episode 3


By Yaseen Khaled

The mere calls (from the UN to the Yemeni government) to sit with Houthis and to endlessly keep seeking peace with them shock everyone in their right mind.

Because having peace with Houthis is next to impossible.


Their mix of stubbornness and game playing tactics have unfortunately paid off. For four years, they have been loudly and loudly challenging the legitimacy of the international recognized government and even the legitimacy of the UN Security Council itself. At some points of time, under pressures, they conceded the necessity of handing over power and cities as per the UN Security Council resolutions. But the theocratic organization's preplanned maneuvers usually range from accepting peace talks without showing up in them, through showing up but miring the talks in countless hairsplitting and withdrawing under any excuse before a deal is reached, to signing the deal but then escaping its binding terms by countless hairsplitting on what they mean.


The UN Security Council and the international community have been watching this Houthi maximalism and failing to enforce the old resolutions on them. To the Houthi organization that is seen as an open-ended time to defy the government and UN resolutions and go ahead with their four year old terrorism that went unpunished.


They feel that the UN Security Council is more willing to issue new lenient resolutions for them rather than force them to comply with the old ones. In this case why would a maximalist theocratic organization accept peace and relinquish power?  


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