Girls tell stories of abduction, blackmailing by Houthis

Girls tell stories of abduction, blackmailing by Houthis

By Amal Ahmed, edited by Yasser Ezzi

Alsahwa Net- After revealing the abduction of dozens of Yemeni women by the Houthis, some women and their relatives are telling their stories their abduction and torture by the Houthis.

A man, who requested anonymity, narrated, with a stammer, the story of his 60-year-old mother. He said that the Houthis seized the opportunity of his absence to storm into the house and arrest his mother.

“In order to justify their atrocious acts, they accused the elderly woman with prostitution” he added.

 “I cannot even visit her or ensure her health and I only ask people about her health, telling them that I am only a do-gooder,” He added. “ Can you imagine the torment I suffer?”

When Death becomes a wish

S. M.” is an 14-year girl who was taken from a café on the ground of disorderly behavior. She accompanied her elder sister to a police station and she was accused of committing “a shameful act”. She found herself inside a prison with a number of women who face the same charge, as she spelt out.  

 “I was crying when they took me from a café,” she told Alsahwa Net. “They severely treated me, saying that all girls of my generation are not cultivated well”. 

“ I met girls at my age who were beaten, abused and humiliated” she spoke in sorrow. “ A mother of this girl paid YR 700,000 for releasing her and she was threatened with murdering her mother if she would tell her story”.  

 “They destroyed my life and future, and I no longer want to live” she uttered with profound sadness.

Abduction of women has recently become a common immoral act in Sana’a and a weapon used by the Houthis  against those families who oppose their policies, refuse their orders, pay loyalties or send their sons to the battlefields. 

Yemeni activists affirmed that the Iran-backed Houthi rebels detain women without being prosecuted or charged.

Salah, a student of Sana’a University, said that Houthi women allure some female students to Houthi-run recruitment centers, and asked to accept the joining of the Houthi Movement or they would face false charges, blackmailed or arrested.

Abdul-Fatah Esmail said that Houthis force some women to attend cultural courses and teach them Houthi textbooks “which are fanatic and extremist”.

Nahlah was arrested while she was standing with her classmate and was accused of committing “ a scandalous act”. She was only released after paying a ransom.

 “My father was about to die when he was informed about my arrest and if my family did not trust me, I would have been killed” she murmured  brokenheartedly. Her father paid YR1,000,000 to save her reputation, as she revealed.

She emphasized that she would not dare to go out of her home in fear of being taken arrested again. “They absolutely destroyed my life; I can’t even look at the saddened face of my father and I always wish to die,” she said.

The Houthi Movement appointed one year before Sultan Zabin as Chief of the Criminal Investigation Apparatus who immediately launched a crackdown under the name of “the combat of prostitution”, which was used by him as tool of illicit enrichment. Yemeni activists say that Zabin could buy several buildings in the capital Sana’a after being appointed.

Many women were arrested and taken into private villas run by the Houthis in Sana’a. Some Yemeni activists say that the criticism of Zabin’s acts by some Houthis does not indicate that there is a sense of consciousness and that only  denotes that there are divisions inside the Houthi Movement.  

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