Houhis illegally promote soldiers to high-ranking officers

Houhis illegally promote soldiers to high-ranking officers

 An official document has revealed that differences sharply increased among leaders of the Houthi rebels due to illegal promotions of soldiers and officers. 

The document cited that 146 soldiers were recently promoted to high-ranking officers, pointing out some of them were promoted to the rank of brigadier. 

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Interior told Alsharq Al-Awsat that the Yemeni government will not approve any promotions made by the Houthis. 

A political analyst Mohammed Halboub said that such promotions affirm that the corruption of the Houthis remarkably increased, indicating that it exceeds the corruption of all previous governments and regimes. 

He said that such behaviors and acts of the Houthis will jeopardize the future of Yemen, calling on the United Nations and international mediators to take into considerations these violations made by the Houthi rebels.  

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