Yemen takes measures to ban child soldiers recruitment

Yemen takes measures to ban child soldiers recruitment

Alsahwa Net- Chief of General Staff Abdullah al-Nakha’e said Wednesday  that the Yemeni government has taken measures to ban child soldiers recruitment and sending them to battlefields.

He called all local and international organizations to put pressures on the Houthis to end the recruitment of children.

He cited that the Yemeni government and the United Nations signed a roadmap to end the child recruitment and involvement of them in fighting, asserting that the Iran-backed Houthis still recruit children and use them as fuel to their wars.

The Huthi militias have recruited 18,000 child soldiers into their rebel army since the beginning of Yemen's war in 2014, a Houthi military official acknowledged to The Associated Press.

That figure is higher than any number previously reported. The United Nations was able to verify 2,721 children recruited to fight for all sides in the conflict, the large majority for the Houthis, but officials say that count is likely low, because many families will not speak about the issue out of fear of reprisals from militiamen.

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