A big lie is coming again, from France24 this time

A big lie is coming again, from France24 this time


By Yaseen Khaled

There has been a remarkable decline in the western media's distribution of Houthi propaganda for a while now.

We are no longer seeing US and European news websites distorting the history from 21st September 2014 attributing the ignition of this war to the Arab Coalition's "bombing campaign."

Or websites claiming that the capital Sana'a is "a besieged city", as the CNN published ones.

As I started to miss those lies, a whopper has appeared its head. This time on the news TV channel and website of France24.

This outlet published "Exclusive: Families struggling to survive in war-torn Sanaa, Yemen’s ancient capital", a video clip and its transcription on Friday.

The report shows the headquarters of the Houthi-run National Security Agency in the Old Sana'a destroyed by an Arab Coalition air strike.

In fact that building is the only one in the historical city to have been hit during the entire war. It was hit in 20 September 2016, once and for all.

Belying its producers the video showed the surrounding buildings around that one to be intact and wholesome. 

The Coalition's strikes in Sana'a, as everyone knows here, have been completely focused on the airbases and hilltop military outposts outside the city, such as al-Nahdayn, Attan, al-Dailami etc.

If the war left any scares on Sana'a, one can see some in the mansions of lower Haddah, the footprint of the late 2017 clashes between the Houthis and their defector the ex-president Ali Saleh.

Otherwise, the Old Sana'a and the entire capital city survived the four year old war next to totally unharmed, like no other city in Yemen.

Civilians who have no unfavorable past found Sana'a and its historical walled city a safe place after fleeing their home cities of Hodeidah and Taiz where the Sana'a-based Houthis arrive to fight.

Four years into the war the UN offices are headquartered and still operate from Sana'a.

The brunt of the war was and is still born by the far southern cities that members of the terrorist religious organization invaded in early 2015.

Yet the France24 reporters stood the facts on head in line with the narrative of the Houthis, the organization responsible for the start of this war and every suffering Yemenis endured.

The France24 report describes Sana'a, in the headline, as "war-torn"!

The video clip claims in an audio and print form that "swathes of the ancient city have now been pummeled into ruins" !

Exaggerating the ruins from that one building, it claims that "families struggle just to survive amid the ruins of bombing raids"!

The question that remains pending. Why are Aden, Hodeidah and Taiz a no-visit to these ideologues telling the story of the Yemeni war to themselves? 


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