Houthi-laid landmine kills mother, injures children in Taiz

Houthi-laid landmine kills mother, injures children in Taiz

Alsahwa Net- A landmine planted by the Houthis killed a mother and injured her two children in the edge of Yemen's central city of Taiz on Saturday January 26. local sources said.

The sources identified the woman as wife of Abdul-Baki al-Qubati and her son Azzam and daughter Hana. They stepped on a landmine unknowingly in their village of al-Hajar in al-Qabbayta district, a border area between Taiz and Lahj provinces.

With the incident of today, the casualty toll from the Houthi-laid landmines in Taiz alone has passed 1140.

The Shia terrorist religious organization killed nine displaced persons and injured 30 others, many of them women and children, by shelling Katyucha rockets on their shelter camp in Hajjah. The semi-daily horrendous atrocities of the Houthis are largely ignored by the western media covering the war in Yemen.  

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