Politicians demand to disclose fate of forcibly disappeared teacher

Politicians demand to disclose fate of forcibly disappeared teacher


Alsahwa Net- Yemeni politicians, journalists and activists have carried out a campaign demanding the security authorities of Aden to disclose the fate of Zakareya Qasim and all other enforcedly disappeared persons.

Activists arranged a protest today, Sunday, in front of the Interior Minister’s house Ahmed al-Maysari, asking for immediately release Qassim and all other forcibly disappeared persons.

 A leader of the General People’s Congress in Aden Yazan Sultan Naji said, during his participation in the protest, that Aden’s security authorities behaved exactly as militias when they arrested Qasim from his house and forcibly disappeared him.

 For his part, Head of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party’s central committee Ashraf Ali Mohammed said that detentions should be in line with laws, pointing out that security services of Aden illegally disappeared Qasim.

Meanwhile, a number of civil society organizations and partly leaders demanded local and international organizations to swiftly move forward and condemn illegal acts practiced by Aden’s security services.

Adeeb al-Subaihi, a member of the higher body of Al-Rashad Party called the Yemeni government to put an end to violations committed by Aden’s security services, hold the perpetrators of human rights accountable and immediately release all innocent persons and compensate them.

Furthermore, teachers and students protested last Wednesday in the port city of Aden, demanding to release a teacher, Zakareya Qasi, who has been being detained since one year without charge or trial.

The teachers demanded, during their third protest in one week, the Yemeni government to immediately release Qasim, who is forcibly disappeared, and disclose his destiny.

Last Sunday, dozens of women protested in Aden, demanding to release the forcibly disappeared Qasem .

Sister of Qasim said that they “are not allowed to meet Qasim and that they do not know about his destiny.”

She said that the suffering of the family worsened after news were posted about the death of his brother under torture.

She demanded all internal and external human rights organizations, activists and journalists to stand by the family until the destiny of Qasim is disclosed, asserting that Qasim was forcibly arrested and disappeared without any charge or trial.

Meanwhile, The Abductees’ Mothers Association (AMA) staged, during past months, many protests in front of the Interior Minister’s residence in Aden, demanding to release their sons forcibly disappeared.

During the protest, the mothers appealed to the government to intervene to release their abducted and enforcedly disappeared sons or refer their cases to courts.

The mothers demanded the authorities in Aden to put pressures on the General Prosecution in order to take legal actions, charging it with procrastination and disregard.

The mothers affirmed  that the General Prosecution had issued orders to release their relatives and refer the others to the prosecution. However, they are still held in prisons and detention centers.

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