Islah’s parliamentary bloc meets US Ambassador to Yemen

Islah’s parliamentary bloc meets US Ambassador to Yemen

Alsahwa Net-The Islah’s parliamentary bloc headed by Abdul-Razaq al-Hajari met today, Monday, the US Ambassador to Yemen Mathew Tueller in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

The bloc hoped that the United States contributes in sustaining security and stability in the liberated areas and unifying security services under the leadership of the Interior Ministry.

They also urged the ambassador to coordinate with the Arab Coalition to facilitate the preparation of holding sessions of the Yemeni Parliament as soon as possible.   

They praised the US support to Yemen’s security services in combating terrorism and encountering Iran’s influence.

The parliamentary bloc of Islah affirmed that the Houthis are not serious in implementing the Stockholm agreement as long as they are controlling the state weapons and claiming “the divine  right”.

They pointed out that the Yemeni government and people are looking forward that the United States actively work to help the Yemenis restore their state, stability and security.  

For  his part, Tueller highly exalted the role played by the Islah party to bring peace back to Yemen, emphasizing that the United States will continue supporting Yemen.

He referred to the dangers of Iran’s project aiming to destabilize Yemen’s security and stability, urging all Yemen’s party to unite their efforts in order to restore the Yemeni state.

He cited that the Houthis do not respond to political and economic pressures aiming to reach a political solution, asserting that they also ignore the humanitarian crisis that they were mainly behind it.


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