Fighting re-ignites in Hodeida

Fighting re-ignites in Hodeida

Alsahwa Net- Violent clashes erupted today, Saturday, between Yemeni government forces backed by the Arab Coalition and the Iran-backed militias in the city of Hodeida in violation of the ceasefire reached in December 2018 in Stockholm.

A government spokesman Mamoud al-Mahjamai affirmed that the Houthis launched strikes on government positions last night and that the government forces responded to their aggression.  

Al-Mahjamai accused the Houthis of violating the Stockholm Agreement which started on December 18, 2018, pointing out that the Houthis have committed over 750 violations since the beginning of the ceasefire.

The Yemeni government often states that its forces remain committed to the U.N.-facilitated deal, warning if the Houthis fail to comply “they will be held responsible” for the collapse of the Stockholm agreement.

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