Peace with Houthis is next to impossible

Peace with Houthis is next to impossible

By Yaseen Khaled

As every new plan for holding peace talks is announced I say that "Peace with Houthis is Next to Impossible" under this same title. I asserted it when the Geneva talks, Stockholm talks, and now the Jordan talks, were announced.

The news on the media today is that Jordan has agreed to host a new round of peace talks. The UN, as a sponsor of peace, is jumping from a round of peace talks to another without caring about the repetition of the failure of its sponsored talks for the same reason every time. It does not care where the previous talks failed the last time and the becoming of its  fame at stake.

The Houthis as I always reiterate have never had and will never have an desire a peace that leads to real sharing of power with others.

While still not going public about that, the Houthis alternatingly respond to the offers of peace talks with rejection of participation; participating and splitting hair until the talks are failed; participating, hair splitting and withdrawing moments before the deal is signed; participating, signing deal and turning the implementation to hair splitting arguments.

This is the behavior of this terrorist theocratic organization predictable by everyone with an insight into its religious framework.  

 Let's not forget that engaging in talks with a hidden (intention) to deceive the other party somewhere down the road "Bad faith" (in Arabic "Taqiyya") is an integral part of the Shia Islamic beliefs of this organization.

The problem is not about reconciling any interests between the government and Houthis. The problem lies squarely in the DNA of this maximalist religious organization. Which makes peace with them next to impossible.

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