Militias of Houthis, Saleh commit 17,000 crimes in 2016

Militias of Houthis, Saleh commit 17,000 crimes in 2016

The Yemeni Alliance for Monitoring Human Rights Violations  identified as Rasad has revealed that militias of the Houthis and Saleh committed more than 17,000 violations against civilians in 20 Yemeni  governorates during the period from January 01 to 31 December 2016. 

It cited that the violations included murder, injuries, abductions, detentions and destruction of public and private properties. 

A report issued by Rasad spelt out that 2466 civilians were killed and 6042 others were wounded in this period, pointing out that 5092 civilians were abducted and 777 public facilities and 2751 private properties were destroyed. 

It also citied that 20 women and 118 children were among the abductees, indicating that the governorate of Sana'a was ranked at the top of the governorates  in which  the militias abducted the most, then the governorates of al-Baydha  and Ibb came respectively. 

Rasad also called the international community to implement the UN Resolutions on Yemen in order to protect human rights and force the militias to end their violations and abide to the relevant UN resolutions. 

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