Military official: Dhubab was totally liberated

Military official: Dhubab was totally liberated

Deputy Chief of General Staff Ahmed Saif has said that the national army totally liberated all the area of Dhubab, pointing out that the Houthis no longer have any existence near the international shipping lane of Bab Elmandeb.

He spelt out that the local authorities of Dhubab will return in the few hours to practice their tasks with the Yemeni legitimate government, indicating that most of population displaced as the Houthis took over the area. 

He stressed that the Iranian strategy completely failed as the Yemen army made large gains, pointing out that the Iranians failed to control Bab Elmandeb. 

Meanwhile, the Yemeni army on Tuesday scored gains in some areas of Maqbnah district, Taiz governorate. 

Local sources told Alsahwah Net that confrontations erupted in the area of al-Abdalah in which the army managed to liberate a number of hills.

They affirmed that confrontations are still ongoing in some areas, pointing out that the army makes large gains and militias of the Houthis and Saleh retreat.

The Yemeni army backed by the Arab coalition launched on Saturday a military campaign aiming to liberate the eastern coasts of Yemen. This campaign was called "the gold spear".

Local sources told Alsahwah Net that the army took over a camp and other strategic positions, affirming that forces of the Houthis retreated in different coastal positions.

The sources affirmed that huge military reinforcements were brought to Bab Elmandeb from the southern port city of Aden, citing that they included tanks, artilleries, gun machines and armored personnel carriers.

This military campaign aims to secure the coastal line from al-Makha to Bab Elmandab and cut the military supplies provided to the Houthis through these coasts. It also aims to secure the international  navigation line.

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