Houthis escalate repression against people of Hajour

Houthis escalate repression against people of Hajour

Alsahwa Net- The Iran-backed Houthis have escalated their repression against people of Hajour after they managed to take over the area last week.

Local sources said that the Houthis carry out campaigns of storming and confiscations of properties.

Human rights groups in Hajjah governorate revealed on Monday that the Houthis killed and wounded over 105 civilians as a result of their indiscriminate bombardment on populated areas.

A human rights group working in documenting violations in Hajour affirmed that women and children have  been the most harmed since late January.

The group said that the constant bombardment cause the displacement of more than 900 families to neighboring areas.

It further said that the besiege imposed by the Houthis on Hajour worsened that the humanitarian crisis in the area, pointing out that people need to medical supplies, food and other relief.

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