Houthis execute truck driver in al-Bayda

Houthis execute truck driver in al-Bayda

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis have executed a truck driver as he refused to pay levies for Houthi checkpoint.

Local sources said that the driver vowed to pay levy Houthi gunmen, asking them to give him a chance to upload his truck’s load, but they rejected and shot fire on him.  

It is worth reclaiming that the Houthis had executed scores of civilians in al-Bayada under unreasonable justifications. 

Yemeni businessmen and investors complain that the Iran-backed Houthis are exploiting businesses, levying inflated fees, and using bank profits to finance war expense.

Houthis seize the state revenues and make great riches but for members of their dynasty only, at the expense of the whole population under their control.

 "They are too rich now. They have built castles, sent their children to study abroad in the world's most expensive universities as the war drags on and the general public starve," said a teacher who wanted to be identified only as "Abu Dhiya" for fear about his life.

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