Iranians train Houthis on targeting ships

Iranians train Houthis on targeting ships

Alsahwa Net- A senior Yemeni official has disclosed that “Iranian experts are training Houthis on targeting ships and booby-trapping of the international navigation lines”.

 The spokesperson of the Yemeni army Saleh Mujli told Okaz newspaper that the Houthis are trained by Iranian in the islands of Talaween and al-Malik located close to the city of Hodeida.

Regarding the Houthi warnings of targeting Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Mujali noted that the Houthi warnings are taken seriously, affirming that their threats are evidence of the Iran’s continuous support to them.

Meanwhile, Yemeni fishermen accused the Houthis of planting sea mines around the island of al-Bawadi.

Landmines planted by Houthis have murdered dozens of Yemeni fishermen in different areas of Yemen.

 Military sources told Alsahwa Net militias of the Houthis and Saleh planted numerous landmines in the costs of Midi, pointing out that the Yemeni army managed to remove most of them.





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