Russian Ambassador: Russia supports Yemen’s unity

Russian Ambassador: Russia supports Yemen’s unity

Alsahwa Net- The Russian Ambassador to Yemen Vladimir Dedushkin has said that Russia support Yemen’s unity security and stability.

In a press conference held in Aden today, Saturday, Dedushkin stressed that “Russia does not  encourage the division of Yemen”, praising security development Aden is currently witnessing.

He said that he was invited by President the Yemeni government to visit Aden and be closely acquainted with Aden’s situation.

He further said that he visited economic facilities including Aden Port and the Central Bank of Yemen.

When arriving Aden on Wednesday, Dedushkin praised the efforts exerted by the government to normalize Yemen’s  situation and reconstructing what was ruined by the war, revealing that Russia will re-open its consulate in Aden

He further said that Russia provide all possible support to Yemen, stressing that Russia is keen to unity security and stability of Yemen.

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