Al-Jawaf: Yemen's army liberates 97% of al-Mutoon district

Al-Jawaf: Yemen's army liberates 97% of al-Mutoon district

The Yemeni army on Saturday managed to take over 97% of al-Mutoon district of al-jawaf governorate, Deputy Governor of al-Jawaf governorate Sinan al-Eraqi told Alsahwah Net. 

Al-Eraqi said that the fighting is ongoing on borders of al-Matanah and al-Zahr districts, pointing out that the operations killed more than 30 Houthis and wounded dozens others.

Meanwhile, Spokesman of al-Jawaf's popular resistance said that the Yemeni army and the popular resistance could liberate on Saturday more than 20 detained civilians who were held in al-Mutoon district, pointing out that two Houthi leaders were also killed. 

Deputy Chief of General Staff Ahmed Saif has said that the national army totally liberated all the areas of Dhubab in Taiz governorate , pointing out that the Houthis no longer have any existence near the international shipping lane of Bab Elmandeb.

He spelt out that the local authorities of Dhubab will return in the few hours to practice their tasks with the Yemeni legitimate government, indicating that most of population displaced as the Houthis took over the area

He stressed that the Iranian strategy completely failed as the Yemen army made large gains, pointing out that the Iranians failed to control Bab Elmandeb

In the meantime, the Yemeni army on Tuesday scored gains in some areas of Maqbnah district, Taiz governorate

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