President Hadi praises advances made by Yemen's army

President Hadi praises advances made by Yemen's army

 President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi has praised advances made by Yemen's army in different fronts of fight in Taiz governorate. 

Hadi insisted that the military operations would go on until the liberation of Taiz governorate as a whole. 

On Sunday, Hadi contacted Governor of Taiz Ali al-Mamari, calling all political parties and movements to unite and support the army in all fronts. 

The Yemeni army has been launching a military process with the aim of liberating the western coasts and secure Bab Elmandeb Strait. 

Yemeni military sources  have stated  that the national army totally liberated all the areas of Dhubab in Taiz governorate , pointing out that the Houthis no longer have any existence near the international shipping lane of Bab Elmandeb.

They spelt out that the local authorities of Dhubab will return in the few hours to practice their tasks with the Yemeni legitimate government, indicating that most of population displaced as the Houthis took over the area

They stressed that the Iranian strategy completely failed as the Yemen army made large gains, pointing out that the Iranians failed to control Bab Elmandeb

In the meantime, the Yemeni army on Tuesday scored gains in some areas of Maqbnah district, Taiz governorate

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