Cholera epidemic spikes in Sana’a

Cholera epidemic spikes in Sana’a


Alsahwa Net- Cholera epidemic has broken out again in the capital Sana’a and other Yemeni governorates under the control of the Houthi rebels.

Over than 1950 cases were registered on April 2, 2019 alone in the capital Sana’a amid the silence of the Houthis who are reportedly receive medical assistance and trade them in black markets.

Moreover, Cholera epidemic has reportedly broken out in the city of Taiz, leaving 25 persons dead and thousands of cases are suspiciously infected, the of the Health Ministry in Taiz stated.

Doctors without Borders has warned of a sharp increase in suspected cholera cases throughout Yemen.

As of Mar 17, nearly 109,000 cases of watery diarrhea and suspected cholera have been reported in Yemen, along with 190 related deaths. The WHO said about a third of the illnesses are in children younger than 5.

Doctors without Borders, said it had begun offering treatment at a dedicated Cholera unit at Sanaa’s Kuwait University Hospital, where its teams have treated 145 patients within the last 48 hours.

The outbreak comes 2 years after the country experienced the world's largest cholera outbreak ever recorded, an event that sickened more than 1 million people.


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