Hundreds of families displaced from Dhala’a province

Hundreds of families displaced from Dhala’a province

Alsahwa Net- Hundreds of families were displaced from Dhala’a province due to the indiscriminate bombardment by the Houthis who are trying to take over some district of the province.

Local officials appealed to local and international organizations to immediately intervene to save the harmed people and provide them with essential needs. 

Musaed Abdullah, a relief official in al-Dhala’a, said that the displaced families are facing challenges and difficulties in the areas they fled to, pointing out that some of these families reside in caves, schools and old houses.

Yemeni officials accuse the Houthis of escalating their military operations in some areas in an attempt to thwart peace agreements reached between the government and the Iran-backed Houthis in December 2018.

A Yemeni presidential advisor Yaseen Makawi has said that peace agreements are about to fail as the Houthis circumvent to implement them.

In remarks to Okaz, Makawi asserted that the Houthis escalate their military operations in an attempt to break down peace agreement, pointing out that the UN are biased to the Houthis and meet their demands.

Makawi emphasized that the military action is the best solution to end the Houthi intransigence and circumvention, warning that Houthis backed by Iran pose threats to the international navigation.


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