Yemeni army arrests most wanted terrorist in Taiz

Yemeni army arrests most wanted terrorist in Taiz

Alsahwa Net- Yemen’s legitimate government stated on Saturday that it managed to arrest the most wanted terrorist in Taiz, Bilal al-Wafi.

A spokesman of the Yemeni army in Taiz told Alsahwa Net that al-Wafi was found out inside an old house of a rural area in Taiz, pointing out that this terrorist is designated in an international terrorism list.

He spelt out that the arrest of al-Wafi came in the wake of an accurate monitoring and follow-up process, signaling out that the army managed to surround the house in which al-Wafi refused hid.

He further noted that al-Wafi used children and women as human shields and resisted the army, emphasizing that the army could control the situation and take the civilians out safely.


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