Government intensifies communication with tribes around Sana'a

Government intensifies communication with tribes around Sana'a

Director of the Morale Guidance Department Brig. Muhsin Khasroof has revealed that the Yemeni government has intensified its communication with tribes around the capital Sana'a.

He said that the tribes expressed readiness to support the internationally-recognized government and the Yemeni army, stressing that the next few days would be decisive in the front of Nihim, about 30 km away from the capital Sana'a.

He reiterated that the Yemeni army made significant gains in Nihim and al-Makha, indicating that the army is insistent to achieve all its goals and expel the Houthis.

Meanwhile, forces of the Yemeni National Army have managed to capture scores of the Houthis and militias of ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh during the confrontations which have recently erupted in the western coasts of Yemen.

A military commander, Abu Zara'ah al-Mahrami, told al-Riyadh Newspaper that ten children were also captured while fighting to the sides of the Houthis.

He spelt out that all captured children were brought in by the Houthis from some districts of Saadah, pointing out that the Houthis force children to involve in fighting.

He cited that the army takes care for captured children, indicating that children and their families were threatened by the Houthis, so they went to fight.

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