Yemen: Rights Radar Released a Report on Grave Abuses in Hajour District, Hajjah Governorate

Yemen: Rights Radar Released a Report on Grave Abuses in Hajour District, Hajjah Governorate

The Netherlands based, Rights Radar (RR) for Human Rights in the Arab world, has revealed today grave abuses against human rights in Hajour District,   Hajjah Governorate, northwest of Yemen during the past few months of 2019. Some of these abuses considered as war crimes as tragic cases committed in this area

RR released this report entitled (Hajour: Brutality of Abuses), which reported that the Houthi gunmen committed hundreds of grave abuses against Hajour civilians during the first quarter of this year, including executions out of law, cold-blooded killings, arrests, torture, blowing up houses, confiscating private property and deadly siege.

The report documented 20,560 abuses committed against Hajour civilians in Hajjah Governorate, including murder, physical assaults, abductions, forcibly disappearance and displacement, in addition to destruction and shelling of homes and looting of facilities. These cases of abuses were documented by RR field team, which meet victims, relatives of victims, as well as eyewitnesses.

The 33-page report includes details of numerous cases of grave abuses such as brutal killings, arbitrary arrests, horrific torture that led to death, right deprive to life and the enforced displacement by forcing people to leave their villages. This is in addition to abuses against women, children, heads of families and depriving people from right to education, health, agriculture and business

This is the first report in its kind that issued by a human rights organization about abuses in Hajour district. It reveals some of the most horrific violations in this district, in which it is still closed in front of media outlets and human rights organizations by the Houthi gunmen who have had the military control on it since the end of March 2019.

RR called on the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to work hard to monitor and document the abuses committed by the Houthi armed group against Hajour district civilians to ensure that no impunity of perpetrators as well as called on the United Nations special envoy for Yemen to play his humanitarian and moral role towards Hajour district civilians.  

It also called on the Panel of Experts of the Security Council Sanctions Committee and the Group of Experts of the Human Rights Council to pay great attention to the abuses that committed in Hajour district which resulted in humanitarian tragedies in order to compensate the victims, protect civilians, so that such abuses cannot be committed again in Yemen that has been fallen in armed conflict since the end of 2014.

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