Security Council accuses Iran of violating arms embargo

Security Council accuses Iran of violating arms embargo

Ambassadors of the United States, Britain and France to the United Nations have accused Iran of violating the UN arms embargo by smuggling weapons to Yemen.

This came in a session of the Security Council to discuss a semi-annual year of the UN Secretary General regarding the UN Security Council's resolution on the embargo.

The report also contains a charge from the French government that an arms shipment seized in the Indian Ocean in March originated in Iran and was intended for fighters in Somalia or Yemen.

The Secretariat was recently provided with information (by the Combined Maritime Forces and Australia) on an arms seizure in February 2016 by the Royal Australian Navy, off the coast of Oman, which the United States of America assessed as having originated in the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Ban’s report adds.

The head of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, who is tasked with securing the waters off of Yemen, disclosed that the U.S. and partner nations have intercepted five weapons shipments from Iran that were headed to the Houthis in Yemen.

Donegan said the first intercept occurred in April 2015 when seven ships guarded by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy attempted to move weapons to Yemen.

"They were filled with coastal defense cruise missiles, boats that we believe were explosive boats, other weapons that were clearly on the decks of their ships that we saw," he said.



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